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Monks Farm/North Grove

This area is allocated in the local Plan part 1 for 883 homes and the Grove Northern Relief Road.

  1. First there was a planning application for 133 homes south of Bellingers garage (see 1 on the little map). The outline application P12/V1545/O was approved in February 2014 and full planning approval P15/V0978/RM granted in January 2016.
  2. Then an outline application P14/V0576/O for 75 homes west of Bellingers Garage was approved in April 2015 with the detailed application P16/V1287/RM approved June 2018.
  3. In July 2015 a third application for up to 160 more new homes (the area marked as 3 on the map). The outline application P15/V1722/O was approved in August 2016 and full planning approval for P17/V2980/RM was granted in June 2018.
  4. In May 2016 a further outline application P16/V0981/O was submitted for up to 400 dwellings (see 4 on the map) including some land to expand the existing primary school. This was approved in April 2021.
    A detailed application P21/V3516/RM was then submitted for part of this area containing 83 homes and included plans to divert the Grove Northern Relief Road so that it joins the Denchworth Road near the entrance to the Maples.
  5. On 10 June 2019 another outline application P19/V1420/O was submitted for up to up to 220 dwellings together with access, associated landscaping and public open space, tennis courts, infrastructure and biodiversity enhancements. This was 'treated as withdrawn' in February 2022.
Monks Farm

According to the Local Plan part 1 the whole area should support 6 hectares of employment land and a total of 883 homes. If you include the 'withdrawn' application, there were applications for 988 homes but no additional employment facilities. This does not match the outline plan and without employment creates more residents commuting out of the area on roads which are already over capacity. It also leaves a small part of the Grove Northern Relief Road at the western end unfinished.

See our Wantage and Grove Map for detailed locations.

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