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Grove Airfield (Wellington Gate)

After nearly 20 years of discussion, the S106 agreement was signed in July 2017 and the outline application for 2,500 homes approved. See (Vale Ref:  P12/V0299/O) for details.

Several parcels of the development are now approved and approximately 496 homes were occupied by the end of November 2022. The development should also provide a whole raft of infrastructure including:

As there are now nearly 500 homes completed and occupied, some of the infrastructure should be almost ready for handover.
The first football pitch - with temporary changing facilities should have been handed over to the community by 50 occupations (2019). It hasn't been handed over yet. Persimmon have had significant issues with the design and specification of the pitch - you would have thought that a major developer like Persimmon would have experience in this type of thing given the number of developments around the country.
The realignment of the Denchworth Road should have been completed by 250 occupations, the roundabout now completed (Nov 2022) but there are issues with the footpaths and cycleways crossing the busy road unnecessarily and neither the County Highways Department or Persimmon seem to care.
The first primary school should have been completed by 400 occupations but the County Education team seem happy that the first pupils will be accepted by September 2023.

There are a large list of items due by the 500th occupation (probably the end of the year) including the first allotments, 2 more sports pitches, and about 5 hectares of public open space. I don't belive that any of it will be delivered on time. When the District Council planning team are questioned about the need to enforce the agreement to deliver infrastructure, they simply point out that they are working with the developer.

The phasing plan shows what order the site will be developed
Grove Airfield Phasing
Or can be accessed on a separate tab here).

The triggers for when infrastructure should be provided are shown here:
Infrastructure triggers

See our Wantage and Grove Map for detailed locations of all phases of development.

For a list of major applications on the airfield: go to our Current Applications page and select Grove.

For details from the developer see wellingtongate.co.uk.


Persimmon will submit the application for the design of the 'Local Centre' early in the new year but have given us a chance to comment on the draft before it's submitted.
You can see it HERE
You can see the comments that we submitted

We even submitted an image of what it might look like!

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