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Stockham Park Farm Development - Your Comments


Your comments on the proposed development plans for Stockham Park - please make sure that your comments are also sent to the Council, thank you.

  • Vale District Council Planning Department
  • Oxfordshire County Highways Planning Department
  • Oxfordshire County Education Planning Department

    We've submitted our comments. HAVE YOU?


    Significant increase in traffic and limited parking in Town centre [show detail]

    We mustn't get sucked in by promises [show detail]

    Completely inappropriate and not sustainable [show detail]

    This application has no merit what-so-ever. [show detail]

    Protected and Notable species on Stockham Farmland [show detail]

    Please reject this application until more thought has been given to school places, doctors/dentists and traffic management. [show detail]

    The site is not in a conservation area and the trees are not protected by a Tree Preservation Order [show detail]

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