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Vale of the White Horse District Council Local Plan

The District Council has launched a consultation on a draft of its Local Plan - the planning document that will map out the strategic sites for the Vale's housing allocation until 2029.

The Local Plan (part 1) is available from the District Council website.. The Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2029 will comprise Part 1: Strategic Sites and Policies, and Part 2 : Detailed Policies and Local Sites. Part 1 has been published and issued to libraries and councils on 28th February. The supporting documents was published on 28th March and the consultation closed six weeks later on 9th May 5pm. It is based on the old core strategy.

The comments that we have submitted to the District Council are available here [PDF file 469K]. and a summary is available here.

See your comments on thecomments page as well or see the reviews of individual topics. So far we have published reviews of:
    Topic Paper 2 - Spatial Strategy
    Topic Paper 3 - Strategic Sites
    Topic Paper 4 - Housing
    Topic Paper 6 - Transport and Accessability
    Topic Paper 7 - Responding to Climate Change
    Topic Paper 8 - Built and Historic Environment
    Topic Paper 9 - Natural Environment
    the Infrastructure Delivery Plan,and
    the Sustainability Appraisal.


The Department for Communities and Local Government has set aside almost £1 billion over the Comprehensive Spending Review period (2011 to 2015) for the New Homes Bonus. This includes £1,373,953.80 for the Vale of the White Horse.


A Sound Basis for Housing Needs? [show detail]

Local Infrastructure? [show detail]

A Housing Crisis? [show detail]

Transport [show detail]

Sustainability [show detail]

Site Specific Merits [show detail]

Comments from a member of the Campaign Group on VoWHDC Local Plan March 2013 [show detail]

Comments from a member of the Campaign Group on "to manage development pressure while protecting the heritage, environment and everything that is of value" [show detail]

Vale District Council Decision on use of New Homes Bonus [show detail]


Local Plan delayed - Blame the Government!

"New government rules delay local plan" says the District Council.

The government announced a new requirement for the Local Enterprise Partnership to produce an economic strategy for Oxfordshire. The Council have had to delay the SHMA by several months to incorporate some of the work for the economic strategy to ensure these two important documents are fully aligned.

This disruption to our local plan timetable means that it will no longer be possible to produce the next draft of the local plan this year. It will instead be released in 2014. This gives developers more time to submit applications without a plan in place.

A while ago Matthew Barber gave an interview in which he answered some questions raised as part of the Plan consultation. we now have a copy of the transcript of that interview.


The Vale will be submitting the final version of the local plan in 2014. They say that there will be another consultation before then, based on the latest local housing need evidence available at the time.

To stay up to date with the progress of the Local Plan and the consultation, people can register to receive regular updates via the Vale Community - an email mailing list run by the Vale. Send an email with the subject header of SUBSCRIBE to localplan@whitehorsedc.gov.uk to register with the council.

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