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Wantage Neighbourhood Plan Proposal Map

The Wantage Town Council are consulting on the proposed area for the neighbourhood plan, They suggest that it includes all of Wantage Parish and includes a small area of land within the adjoining parish of Grove (so that it includes Stockham Park and Crab Hill).

To view proposals of the area submitted for the neighbourhood plan, along with further details please visit www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplans and click on the Wantage link.

The Consultation period lasted until Wednesday 4 December 2013.

Since the beginning of August 2013 Working Groups have been identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the various issues in and around Wantage. The groups are looking at:

  1. Town Centre, businesses, economy and technology
  2. Heritage, environment, conservation and design
  3. Transport, infrastructure, education and health
  4. Youth, Leisure, sport and art.

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For more information on what a neighbourhood plan is go to our new page for details


For some background information on the Vale and the individual parishes (mainly from the 2011 census) see this page at the Rural Service Network or go to our Neighbourhood Plan Links page for more information about local plans and policies.


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