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Additional Evidence - Infrastructure Delivery Plan

This Infrastructure Delivery Plan considers the impact of growth from the Local Plan 2029 Part 1 in the Vale of White Horse District. This is a live document that will be updated throughout the plan period.

The National Planning Policy Framework states that the Local Plan should be based on up-to-date evidence about the economic, social and environmental characteristics and prospects of the area. Local planning authorities should assess the quality and capacity of infrastructure and its ability to meet forecast demands and should take account of the need for strategic infrastructure including nationally significant infrastructure within their areas.

The infrastructure necessary to support the proposed growth in Wantage and Grove can be categorised under three headings. These are:
• Physical infrastructure: transportation networks, water, drainage, waste management, sewage treatment and utility services.
• Social infrastructure: education, health facilities, social services, emergency services and other community facilities such as libraries and cemeteries.
• Green infrastructure: parks, allotments, footpaths, play areas and natural and amenity green space.

The Council has adopted a categorisation for each infrastructure item, to reflect its importance to the delivery of the Local Plan 2029. The categories used are:
Critical - The identified infrastructure is critical, and development cannot commence without it being in place. E.g. transport/utility infrastructure
Necessary - The identified infrastructure is also critical to support new development, but the precise timing and phasing is less critical and development can commence ahead of its provision. E.g. schools/primary health care
Preferred The delivery of the identified infrastructure is preferred in order to build sustainable communities. Timing and phasing is not critical over the plan period. E.g. libraries, green infrastructure, youth provision.

BUT: it is a little confusing because the next paragraph (3.5) mixes the catagorisation as it says:
"Some of the Science Vale UK transport infrastructure in the following schedules is identified as necessary, because it does not need to be brought forward ahead of development. However, it is critical from the point of view that without this infrastructure coming on line, the vision for strategic growth at Science Vale UK cannot be realised."


First the infrastructure that is required for any site in Wantage and Grove [show detail]

Initial Comments: - while road enhancements may not be Critical they are VERY necessary and should be scheduled very early in any developments as should the provision of primary and secondary schools. We do not want to wait 3-5 years for these core components of the infrastructure.
The preferred include something that are important and some things that are nice to have (such as community art).
BUT no mention anywhere of improving parking facilities in Wantage Town Centre - surely this should appear somewhere?

Priorities by development will be coming soon.


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