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TOPIC PAPER 8 - The Built Environment and Historic Environment

This topic paper provides a brief summary of the evidence relating to the built and historic environment and includes an examination of the Vale’s heritage assets.


Referring to Wantage:
“3.63 In considering the impact of further development on the historic assets in the town, its growth in the twentieth century is significant. Any further growth of the town will be added on to modern development, and therefore will not impact on the historic core of the town. Growth to the east and west of the town would continue recent growth trends. Development to the east of the town will be in the vicinity of Charlton Conservation Area and will need to be sympathetic to this location.”


Referring to Grove:
“3.68 It was due to the modern drainage and sewerage installed for the airfield that much of the post war expansion of the town of Grove took place. The town spread south towards Wantage, contained by the old boundaries of the airfield to the west and the A338 to the east.
3.69 To the north of the village is a cluster of Grade II listed buildings at Monks Farm and the farmhouse at Grove Wick Farm. Any development in this direction would need to be sympathetic to these buildings and their setting.”


“4.6 The lack of available resources also impacts on the work that can be undertaken reviewing Conservation Areas and writing Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans. There could be an opportunity for the assessment work to be undertaken by local communities. However this would require guidance from the district council, which also has resource implications. The council will continue to explore this as an opportunity.”


Our Comments:
This topic paper is mainly platitudes, generalities and background information. It makes no mention of any impact on Wantage or Grove of the additional traffic and the demands on parking, drainage etc. of the additional 12,000 people.
It makes no mention of the impact of the construction traffic on any of the listed building which all sit close to roads which this traffic will use.


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