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Housing Need
The 2011 census provides a figure for the Vale of 49,781 households. According to the District Council, the Vale completed 2,082 dwellings between 1 April 2006 and 1 April 2011. So the starting point for the calculations should be 49,781 - 2,082 = 47,699.

The projected growth based on the "What Homes Where"toolkit is 8,721 homes from 2006 to 2029. This shows how the community might change over the next 20 years if past trends were to continue. In 2012, there were 3,333 households on the waiting list for affordable homes, albeit this includes aspirational changes, and only 1,202 of these households are in the categories who require housing. This is in line with the 40% target for affordable homes in the local plan.

Obviously the creation of the Enterprize Zone in 2011 should have some impact, but few jobs have been created so far and the economic slowdown must be taken into account. Many of new jobs may be for people who chose not to live in the Vale. In 2008 64.4% of jobs within the Vale were filled by Vale residents and 54.1% of Vale residents had jobs within the Vale. Swindon and Didcot also have large development targets and some of the population may chose to live there.


Our housing growth target for Wantage and Grove should be somewhere between 581 and 2,397 [show detail]

The Planning Policy Team at the Vale disagree - see the letter [pdf]received from them.


Houses, Cars and People [show detail]


People driving to work [show detail]


Jobs at Grove Technology Park and Monks Farm 8 March 2012 [show detail]

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