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The Crab Hill outline planning application has been approved - details of the section 106 agreement are available within application P13/V1764/O on the Council Website. The Developers website atwww.crabhillwantage.comseems to have been closed down. So we can only assume that they don't want anyone to see what they have promised to deliver in case we try to keep them to their promises.

According to the promoters "Crab Hill is one of the South-East's most exciting strategic housing projects".

According the the District Council "[Crab Hill will] deliver up to 1500 homes with associated services and facilities... [and] contribute to balanced employment and housing growth in SVUK."

Our comments can be downloaded at wagcg_comments.pdf

The initial report from our planning consultant is available here

Summary of key notes on the Outline Application - see your comments

Phases of development [show detail]

Housing Density [show detail]

Access to the development [show detail]


The UK Government’s strategy Securing Our Future - A Strategy for Sustainable Development in the UK (DEFRA, 2005) identifies five key objectives:

- Living within environmental limits; [show detail]

- Ensuring a strong healthy and just society; [show detail]

- Achieving a sustainable economy; [show detail]

- Promoting good governance; [show detail]

- Using sound science responsibly. [show detail]

This is not an employment – led scheme. There will be some small scale employment provision associated with the facilities provided on site. This site is therefore not in itself, sustainable.

Mixed Use
The Proposed Development clearly provides a mixed use development. The mix of uses reflects the aspiration to create a new high quality sustainable community around a neighbourhood centre but linked to the wider town. But doesn't offer sufficient employment to its residents.

Transport - in development

Appendix A of the submission paragraph 5.8 states that "It is considered that neither the primary school or the local centre will generate new trips onto the surrounding local highway network and have therefore been excluded from trip generation calculations." This assumes that no children from the rest of Wantage and Grove will attend the school or use the local centre. If this development is to be absorbed into the area this has to be the case therefore the transport calculations are based on wrong assumptions.

Paragraph 6.2 goes on to say that "distribution assumptions have been made for each of the phases .. these assumptions [are derived with] reference to the 2001 Census and specifically data sets which relate to travel to work patterns for the wards of Wantage Charlton, Wantage Segsbury and Grove.Transport patterns have changed significantly since 2001 as areas of employment have changed and travel patterns and lifestyles have also changed. We would consider that the calculations are based on wrong assumptions and should have been derived based on 2011 figures.

Ecology [show detail]

Flooding [show detail]

Sewerage [show detail]

Allotments [show detail]

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