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Crab Hill Proposal


It's Official - Crab Hill will be a 1,500 development of new homes on the edge of Charlton Village.

A further application has been submitted to address number of conditions and Section 106 requirements prior to the submission of any Reserved Matters applications. See details on the Council Website at P16/V2590/DISThis application is not subject to public consultation but we submitted initial questions to the application and received a response from the agent for the Developers.

Our initial questions are available here and the response is available here.

Details of the developers obligations are shown in the decision folder of the Council planning application

"Planning has also been approved for: a new two form entry primary school, new employment space, a neighbourhood centre/community hub providing local retail, nursery care, and the potential for a pub/restaurant, and elderly care; a central park, and ancillary areas including equipped play space, public amenity areas, sports pitches and allotments."

Yet again the Planning Committee have sat there and voted in favour of destroying the identity of our small market town. In the next few years we will be surrounded by large modern developments full of high density housing. They have approved the Crab Hill Outline Application (Vale reference P13/V1764/O).

So much for the promises of the developers who have clearly stated that they would "put place-making and
people first." That they are "a master developer that will install key infrastructure and select and manage development partners to ensure a distinctive and successful new neighbourhood emerges over time." We have as much belief in these developers as we have in the ability of the District Councillors and our MP to influence the future of our neighbourhood!


What infrastructure will be provided?
- initially none
- the relief road (well named because it will be a relief, if and when it's finally built) won't be completed until 2025 at the earliest - even then it's only the relief road for Crab Hill no relief for the Denchworth Road, the Camel Roundabout or northern Grove
- no primary school until the 351st house is finished (probably not be ready for children until 2021-2022) so at least 150 children bussed to school from the Crab Hill development never mind the other developments like Stockham Farm, Chain Hill or Old Station Road)
- no secondary school until the Grove Airfield has one also probably not until 2021 or 2022
- no new leisure centre until the District Council decide to spend any money on Wantage
- contributions will be made to the building of the Medical Centre expansion but when?

According to the promoters "Crab Hill is one of the South-East's most exciting strategic housing projects".

According the the District Council "[Crab Hill will] deliver up to 1500 homes with associated services and facilities... [and] contribute to balanced employment and housing growth in SVUK."


According to WaGCG: "This development will cover an area roughly 4 times the size of Charlton, add 1500 houses, 3750 people, 2350 cars and will require 2550 jobs and 750 educational places. It will add congestion on the roads and emissions but also provide homes and possibly more business for the retailers in Wantage and Grove, although the relief road will direct traffic away from the town centre.
We oppose inappropriate growth of the area proposed by the District Council and promote proportionate and sustainable development in the area of Wantage and Grove and a high quality of life for its residents. We believe that the infrastructure of the area should be enhanced with the first new build not when all existing infrastructure is over capacity. We need schools, enhancements to roads (not just the relief roads around Wantage and Grove but also improvements to the major A roads to all for bus stops, cyclists and pedestrians), expansion to the health centre, extra parking in the town centre, jobs locally - not 10 miles away and all the other infrastructure required to maintain quality of life."

Our comments can be downloaded at wagcg_comments.pdf

Crab Hill


With luck, this site will include a primary school but secondary school places will depend on the new school included in the plans for the Airfield at Grove.
This site will provide a lot of the funding for the Wantage Eastern Relief Road and will complete the road when 801 houses have been built

Promotion Agreement signed on 1,500 units in Wantage

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