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TOPIC PAPER 7 - Responding to climate change

This includes climate change adaptation, renewable energy generation, flooding and water management, pollution and waste management and minimisation.

Relevant Strategic Objectives from the Local Plan Part 1
Strategic Objective 10: Improve and protect the natural environment including biodiversity.
Strategic Objective 11: Ensure all new development achieves high quality design standards and to protect and enhance the natural, historic, cultural and landscape assets of the Vale.
Strategic Objective 12: Minimise greenhouse gas emissions across the district and increase our resilience to likely climate change impacts, especially flooding.


A Low Carbon Vale Priorities for action are: making sure that land allocated for new development is located near to jobs and services and can be accessed by public transport, cycling or walking. How does 5,500 houses in Wantage and Grove with 95% of jobs 10 miles away and "at least hourly bus services which generally operate between 7am and 7pm on Mondays to Saturdays" support a "Low Carbon Vale"?

Already our emissions from road transport are higher than any other district in the South East and an additional 7500 people driving to work will only make this worse! We can find no evidence in any paper for ways in which this will be significantly reduced.


Core Policy 30: Sustainable Design and Construction
All new development, including building conversions, refurbishments and extensions, will be required to incorporate climate change adaptation and design measures to combat the effects of changing weather patterns. [show detail]


Climate change adaptation: Adjustments to natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic factors or their effects, including from changes in rainfall and rising temperatures, which moderate harm or exploit beneficial opportunities.
   Climate change mitigation: Action to reduce the impact of human activity on the climate system, primarily through reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Section 3 of the National Policy Planning Framework requires all new developments of ten or more dwellings to incorporate renewable energy or low carbon generation systems capable of offsetting a minimum of 10% of the predicted annual carbon emissions. It is further stated that the council will require all aspects of the Code for Sustainable Homes to be implemented to meet the government set, incremental targets as per below:
2010 – Code Level 3
2013 – Code Level 4
2016 – Code Level 6


The Sustainable Community Strategy for the Vale and priorities for action [show detail]

Department of Energy and Climate Change Statistics show our emissions are high [show detail]

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