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"We want the Government to amend the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to:

  1. ensure that development is preferred and prioritised on brownfield sites.
  2. protect green areas of special value to local areas.
  3. allow all permissions to be counted as part of the 5 year supply definition.
  4. give greater weight to heritage, ecology, and culture.
  5. ensure that developments are sustainable and that adequate infrastructure (roads, public transport, schools, health facilities and leisure facilities) are built in time to meet the needs of the first resident as well as the last.
  6. give communities the same rights of appeal as developers in planning law.
  7. accept that the expectations for the production of Local Plans in the allotted time-scale were unrealistic and allow a further period of grace to those local authorities that are still struggling to achieve this."


For more details on the petition see here


Planning Issues

Pre-planning consultations

    180 MORE homes at Monks Farm A screening application is in for a 3rd application for 180 more homes on Monks Farm - this is the area right next to Williams F1 and the application has been submitted on behalf of Williams. This is a screening application and a decision was indicated by 30 April. See (Vale Ref: application P15/V0813/SCR)

Outstanding applications:

  • Retirement home on the site of the old Police Station & Magistrates Court, Church Street - Renaissance Retirement has applied for permission to build a selection of thirty two 1 and 2 bed retirement apartments in an architect-designed building on the Police Station and magistrates Court - with only 15 parking spaces! They assume that people over 70 don't require cars and that you can buy everything you need within walking distance. We know that neither of these statements are true.
    Also the Local Plan Part 1(currently with the Inspector) states that more retail facilities will be required in Wantage to meet the needs of the new residents. This is one of the few spaces close to the town centre where more retail (or required parking) could be placed. See (Vale Ref: application P15/V0729/FUL)
  • A new development of 31 homes between the Challow Road and Naldertown - an application has gone in for the demolition of Aberclare, hall (St John Ambulance) and Cedarholme, to be replaced by more new houses. See (Vale Ref: application P15/V0979/O)
  • Detailed Planning Application for Phase 1 of Monks Farm (133 homes) - Outline permission was signed off February 2014. This application shows the detail of the proposed development including landscaping. See (Vale Ref: application P15/V0978/RM)
  • Erection of a new science block for King Alfreds School on the site of the old CoE Primary School See (Vale Ref: application P15/V0621/FUL)
  • Grove Airfield - Still 2500 homes but details of planning conditions and financial contributions have not been published. See (Vale Ref: P12/V0299/O) for details.
  • Crab Hill - 1500 homes, details of planning conditions and financial contributions have not been published. See (Vale Ref: P13/V1764/O) for details.
  • East Hanney- 55 homes at North Summertown. See (Vale Ref: P15/V0343/O) for details [show more]
  • East Challow - 50 homes behind Windmill Place. See (Vale Ref: P14/V2318/FUL) for details. No decision has yet been made.


Science Vale Action Plan

The Vale and South Oxfordshire District Councils are consulting on a new planning policy document, the Science Vale Area Action Plan. This is the first planning policy document to be jointly prepared by South Oxfordshire and Vale of White District Councils. The area action plan will focus on the delivery and implementation of the growth in the Local Plan 2031 within Science Vale.
The Councils are seeking our views on the proposed scope, the plan boundary, vision and objectives and whether they have identified all the correct issues. Our comments have been submitted.


Oxfordshire County Council are consulting on theNew Strategic Transport Planand as the Oxfordshire Strategic Economic Plan is supposed to justify the requirement for 93,560 to 106,560 new homes by 2031 and to provide, among other things:

  • £500 million investment in rail improvements and
  • c£815 million of transport infrastructure improvements,

at least 5% of the investment should be made in Wantage and Grove so this is a key document. We have submitted our comments. Our presentation from 23 March is available here.

The County Council is looking at the possibility of a unitary authority
Creating a single council for Oxfordshire would save up to £33m a year, according to independent financial analysis. See their press release for details.


District Council Consultations comments were submitted by 19th December 2014

1. Local Plan 2031 part 1 - the first part of the updated local plan, showing any developments across the Vale where they want developers to build more than 200 homes. It also lists what infrastructure the Vale thinks it will need to support at least 20,560 new homes. See our submission

2. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) - The government has decided that the CIL approach to funding strategic infrastructure delivery is fairer, faster, provides more certainty and is more transparent than the current system of funding under section 106 which are negotiated on a site by site basis. VoWH is now publishing a list of the CIL charges they're proposing to make on new developments across the district, for you to comment on. See our submission

3. Design Guide - VoWH are also consulting on a new planning Design Guide which can be applied to anything from a small extension to a large housing development as well as non-residential development to minimise the impact on the character of our towns and villages. See our submission


The NPPF fails to protect against unsustainable development, reports Government committee - See the full report


There is a NEW Oxford Garden City Proposal being discussed and this one includes Oxford in the plans!

The Wolfson Economics Prize 2014 has been awarded to David Rudlin (of urbed), whose proposal is for the doubling of a number of existing cities through a series of urban extensions - his proposal used Oxford as its case study. See a brief summary on our new page.See also the press comment to the proposal.


Network Rail Bridge works

A338 bridge at the Volunteer: they are planning to build a new bridge just to the east of the existing bridge. The road will remain open during construction work although there will be short duration road closures (overnight / weekends)in Summer 2015 to tie in the road to the new bridge. The new bridge is expected to be open Autumn 2015

See our pages on Rail BridgesandRoad Closures for more detail.


Vale District Council commits to a feasibility study on a "new Settlement in the Vale"

At the Council meeting on 16th July the Councillors agreed to commit to a feasibility study and a public consultation for one or more new settlements in the Vale as solutions to our long term need for housing. This is outside work on the Local Plan so in addition to the 20,560 which are likely to be in the Local Plan, we could expect a further development of up to 30,000 new homes. This could double the number of homes in the Vale in the next 20 years. Where will the funding for the infrastructure required come from?

As Councillor Richard Webber said at the meeting:

"From an average build rate of 550 houses per annum, (last year 400 and only once in the last 30 years 700), we are now in the Local Plan for consultation seeking to achieve an average build rate in excess of 1000 new homes per annum. With the advent of the SHMA, the number could go up by another 3-400 per annum. If Oxford City wins its fight to pass over some of its SHMA allocation to the Districts, we could be over 1500 per annum, nearly 3 times our current average. Not for nothing is Oxfordshire the home of Alice in Wonderland."

Little boxes on the hillside ....[show more]


Open Letter to Matthew Barber, [show detail]

And his reply.


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